About Bob Moncrief

Bob Moncrief graduated from Texas A&M University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. Bob started working in taxidermy shops during his High School days, and used his skills to help fund his college education. Bob and his wife Debbie, first began their taxidermy business in Houston, Texas in the fall of 1976; and there learned some of the hard lessons of business that contribute to success later in life. For well over 35 years Bob has attended the taxidermy school of hard knocks, and has paid attention to every lesson!

Attending to the details of each mounting separates Bob Moncrief Taxidermist from the standard taxidermy assembly industry. Keeping the volume of work at a level that can be accomplished within a reasonable period allows Bob the time necessary to attend these details. Whether it is the luster of a lower eye lid, the anatomy of a splash, or the particular niche environment involved with the base of a life sized specimen, Bob will be personally devoted to the work.

Bob Moncrief Taxidermist is not a mass production taxidermy factory that has been modified to accommodate a marketing platform sales pitch; Bob has no teams, groups or assembly lines. At Bob Moncrief Taxidermist old fashioned craftsmanship, use of the best materials, tried and proven techniques, persistent hard work, and straight forward up front honest communication directed at the goal of providing you with a beautiful mount, is what can be expected. Bob Moncrief Taxidermist is a good choice when price is not the priority.