Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two prices for a whitetail deer shoulder mount?
The whitetail deer is the most sought after big game animal in Texas. The whitetail, along with animals like mule deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, local exotic sheep, javelina, bobcats, fox and coyotes, are very popular taxidermy specimens. Because there are so many inquires regarding the price for these types of mounts, and in an effort to serve a greater percentage of our customer needs; Bob offers two different processes to allow you to decide which the better investment is. Both processes provide a beautiful end product, however, the lower priced procedure is less involved in detail and requires less time to complete. Bob keeps examples of both types of mountings in the shop for you to examine, and you are invited to do this.
Why don't you have two prices for everything?
Because many animals are generally received in a dry salted condition, or possess hide characteristics that require excessive mechanical shaving or other processing. These types of skins are best preserved using commercial tanning techniques. Bob does not offer alternative processes for these specimens.
What is included in the prices for bird mounts?
The current state of the art of taxidermy offers many products for the mounting of waterfowl and other birds, including artificial bills, feet, special eye ring reproductions, and an array of habitat items to enhance the appearance of the finished bird mount. Because there are so many inquiries about the price for mounted birds, and because there are so many possible combinations of amenities that can be added to the mounts, Bob offers a competitive and reasonable starting price that includes a simple driftwood type base and without extra habitat items. Bob is an expert at providing any type of added amenities that you may require, and can assist you in your selections.
What are your store hours?
The regular business hours are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Tuesday through Friday. Bob will try to accommodate special requests with an appointment. Please call ahead at the shop number: (361) 570-6844 during regular business hours.
Do you provide cold storage for game or process meat?
No. We recommend one of the several local processing plants.
What kind of documentation is required for my specimen?
You will need to bring a copy of your hunting license in order to provide the license number for the Wildlife Resource Document which is part of your contract for taxidermy services. If your specimen was taken using a special permit, that permit number is also required. Any CITES tags, if required, should also be provided. You will need to be able to provide the name of the property upon which your specimen was taken, and identify the county or parish. You will need to provide your physical mailing address and contact information like a phone number. You will need to be able to sign a legal contract (18 years old). Please understand that migratory birds require a lot of documentation due to State and Federal regulations – Bob will do this with you.
What if I don’t have the proper documentation for my specimen, can you make an exception?
No exceptions, if the specimen cannot be properly documented, it will not be accepted. State and Federal regulations do not provide special status to taxidermists, and most regulation enforcement involves the possession of the specimen, this can include fines and possible imprisonment. Bob will not accept improperly documented specimens.
Can I drop off specimens for my friend?
Yes, but, a signed wildlife resource document is required. You will be asked to sign the contract. It is best if the owner of the specimen delivers it to the shop. With all the documentation required with migratory birds, Bob requests that the owner of the birds deliver them so they can place their signatures on the several tags, books and forms, unless this is done prior to delivery of the birds. It is possible to scan and email the required documents. Remember that possession of improperly documented wildlife is a possible violation of Federal and State regulation.
Do you accept credit cards?
No. A personal check is OK. Cash is OK. Partial payments are OK. No bartering.
Will I need to pay any deposit money up front?
Yes. A total of 50% payment is required before the specimen will be mounted.
How long will it take to get my specimen mounted?
Generally it is a lengthy wait. Bob tries to get the mount completed in 8 – 12 months from the time it is delivered to the shop.
How often should I call to check up with Bob during the mounting process to keep informed?
There is no reason to call to check up with Bob while you wait for the mount to be completed. If you change contact information please let Bob know your new contact information. Bob will contact you when the job is completed. Please feel free to come by the shop any time during regular business hours.
Where is the shop?
The shop is located at 1620 Glascow Street in Victoria, Texas. This is 1 ½ miles west of the intersection of North Navarro and Glascow Street. It is on the north side of the road, located in the white metal building. The shop phone number is (361) 570-6844.
What preparations are required for international trophy shipments?
All international shipments require planning ahead. Please contact Bob in advance, he can provide you with personalized identification tags for your trophies. International shipments are routed through IAH Houston - Bush International airport, a broker agent for the tannery will clear your trophies through Customs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and USDA and then ship them to Victoria. The Broker is WELL Worldwide Energy Logistics in Houston, Texas. You may contact them at (281) 606-2400, ask for Lynette. You may need your AWB number (Air Way Bill). All paperwork should be forwarded through WELL.
What expenses should be expected when shipping international trophies to Victoria, Texas?
Please expect to be invoiced for:
  • Airfreight charges
  • Customs Entry Service charges
  • Fish & Wildlife Service inspection charges
  • Terminal Service charges
  • Possible Storage charges
  • Cartage and Service Fee charges
  • Charges involved with USDA compliance (swine & primates)
  • Shipping from Houston to Victoria, Texas
What do these charges add up to recently?
The charges and fees outlined above do not include any service the taxidermist provides. Lately these charges collectively add up to between $550.00 to $1500.00 depending on the size and content of the shipments. The costs can be more, Bob Moncrief has no control over these costs or services.
What provisions are required when shipping primates?
If you plan to take a primate trophy, you need to contact the broker so they can apply for a CDC Permit for legal entry of the primate trophy. The broker will need the following information:
  • Hunters name, address and phone number
  • Country where primate was taken
  • Safari Company or taxidermist that shipped out the specimen
  • Species Name (example – Vervet monkey, baboon, genius and species if known)
  • List of animal parts (skull, life-size skin, etc.)
You may contact the Broker at WELL Worldwide Energy Logistics in Houston, Texas; talk with Lynette (281) 606-2400. It is important to contact the broker before the shipment arrives from overseas to avoid forced storage at a General Order Storage facility. Forced storage will result in additional costs to you. CDC can take up to or in excess of 30 days to issue primate permits. US Fish and Wildlife requires these permits in hand when the shipment arrives or the shipment is placed in GOS until the permits are produced.
If I am hunting in Texas from another area, can you expedite my trophies for me?
Bob Moncrief will be happy to serve your taxidermy needs in any capacity you want. This includes skinning, salting, drying and shipping trophies to your hometown taxidermist. Bob also can mount, crate and ship your mounted trophies directly to your home. Whatever service you want, Bob can accommodate your taxidermy requirements.

Thank you for considering Bob Moncrief to do your taxidermy work.